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"Informative, clear, compelling, and practically very helpful." - Scott

"Alan helped me not only to be a better father, but how to love my daughters in a way that they can understand what a real man is like." - Ben

Alan Smyth is the father of two children, one son and one daughter. Now that his kids are grown, out of the house and doing well, he is available to coach and mentor younger Dad's who are not as far along on their journey. Alan will encourage, help strategize, brainstorm & troubleshoot issues surrounding you and your kids. Having "been there, done that" with both kids, he has a wealth of knowledge and parenting experiences to share. Additionally having been married to the same amazing wife for 35 years, he would love to speak into your marriage and provide practical ideas and tools to help.

Alan authored the book "Prized Possession" which is a practical handbook for Dad's who have daughters and he also enjoys leading parenting seminars for those same Dad's. His second book entitled "Fight for me" is due out later this fall. His books can be purchased in this store as well.

After you purchase a coaching package from the menu below, Alan will contact you to set up your first introductory phone appointment. Coaching sessions will be scheduled weekly, unless a different schedule is desired.

Purchase multiple sessions for a discount on those sessions. If you purchase multiple sessions, you will also receive a 20% discount code for future purchases from this website.

All coaching sessions are conducted over the phone (voice or video) unless you are in Los Angeles, then possibly some in person.

Whether you are working through a marriage or parenting failure or just in need of a few tips to fine tune some things, Alan can be there for you and help you through it.

You can e-mail Alan with any questions regarding this process at:


“As a father with daughters, I have learned a lot about my role as dad as well as the pressures my daughters will face as they grow up.”
- Rusty

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