• Image of 30 Day Challenge - Workbook for Dad's & Daughters
  • Image of 30 Day Challenge - Workbook for Dad's & Daughters
  • Image of 30 Day Challenge - Workbook for Dad's & Daughters

Take the Challenge! 30 unique challenges designed to bring a Dad & Daughter together working on accomplishing the tasks and completing the activities. Some that are quick, easy and inexpensive and others that will require more effort and planning. This is a workbook that will allow you to work together on planning great activities. Think of it as a road map to help you and your daughter draw closer in a fun way.

One thing is for sure. Completing this challenge will absolutely improve any Dad & Daughter relationship and you will have a blast doing it. This work book is great for any age daughter starting at about age 5 but ideal for adolescent girls.

All challenges are scalable and can be adjusted for whatever age your daughter is.

Examples of a few of the challenges are:

"Go on a Real Adventure with your daughter" - You get to decide what a
"real adventure" is based on the age and DNA of you and your daughter. Could be a trip to the mall, a roller coaster or skydiving! Your call!

"Build something together" - Big or small, complex or simple. You will have fun planning and building something together.

"Adopt a 3rd world Country" - Have fun doing some research on a 3rd world country. "Adopt" it by printing out some pictures, talking about their culture and maybe even becoming further involved as desired.

"Local Service Project" - Spend a little time serving someone in your community. Never too early to teach and model the concept of service.

There are 30 in total. Many of which are conversation oriented and can be accomplished over a meal or in your living room. As part of this challenge, take pictures along the way and send them to us. By doing so you will enter a fraternity of Dad's leaning in and stepping up by building a great relationship with their daughter!

This workbook is a perfect companion to our book "Prized Possession"